This is the reason why the official Animals III band at has temporarily changed its name from ANIMALS III to ANIMAL TRACKS

The band has temporarily suspended using the name Animals III for its shows since its last performance under the name of Animals III in August 2021.

For the indefinite future the band will be performing their tribute to The Animals under its alternative registered name of ‘ANIMAL TRACKS’.

The band is doing this because legal action is being started against ex members of this band and their manager who are blatantly using the Animals III name for their own performances and are falsely claiming their ownership of the name which is causing confusion to the public. The ex band members in question were removed from the Animals III band in July 2021. Their illegal actions also include the making of a trademark application in bad faith for the Animals III name which has now been successfully opposed, and also for performing under the name of 'The Animals' which is a registered trade mark of Eric Burdon.

The action that is expected includes a number of prosecutions for infringements of this band’s own website’s digital copyright content, physically and digitally passing off on the Animals III name for performances and online promotion, domain name abuse, reputational damage caused to the Animals III name, financial damage caused by false claims of ownership of the name, financial damage caused by intimidation and false threats of legal action made towards this band’s promoters and venues, and financial damage caused by falsely claiming trademark registration of the Animals III name. A legal injunction is currently being sought to stop their current and future performances as ANIMALS III.

The name Animals III was devised and historically registered worldwide by Steve Hutchinson on 13th September 2014 including the registration of the domain name for use only by this band. Following two years of documented promotion the band members were assembled to perform the first Animals III concert in 2016. This band has continued to perform as Animals III on a regular basis up until November 2021. A copy of the historic registration certificate is shown below.

Should any further damages or victimisation be directed towards this band by either the ex band members or their promoters, we reserve our legal right to revert back to the use of the Animals III name for this band's performances at any time. We also reserve our legal right to perform periodically at our discretion under our registered name of Animals III to retain our continued use of the name.

We hope that this name change will help to avoid the confusion currently being caused to our fans when trying to book tickets for our events.

Animals III name registration certificate
Certificate from British registrants Log Networks Limited t/a
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